Criminal Defense

Our firm aggressively handles all of life’s mistakes and bad decisions that have resulted in your run in with law enforcement. Our firm represents each client as if he or she is the firm’s ONLY client.  We have the knowledge and skill to navigate the criminal justice system and will fight for your rights at every stage of your case.

Our firm understands and believes in each person’s right to a fair trial and innocence until proven guilty.  We understand that one criminal mistake can stay with you and have an impact on almost every facet of your life.  That is why is it important that you call us today and we can begin working on protecting your life from this point forward.

If you or a loved one has been accused of a crime it is crucial to have an attorney on your side to protect your rights.  Whether facing possible fines, suspension of your license, probation or jail time, a lawyer who relentlessly fights for you is your best defense against these potential life changing outcomes.  You need a lawyer who fights for your rights and your freedom!


According to §810.02 of the Florida Statutes, burglary is considered the entering of a building
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Fraud is a non-violent theft crime that encompasses various areas that it can occur under.
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Florida Statutes §812.13 defines robbery as the taking of money or other property
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Driving under the influence, driving while intoxicated, DUI, DWI, or even BUI
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Drug Crimes

Drug crimes are one of the most seriously taken crimes in Florida.
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Violent Crimes

Pursuant to Florida Statutes §784.011, assault is the intentional
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